Juni 16, 2024

Ibu Damayanti sedang menilai pembelajaran buat es krim


You want to make ice cream? Buy the ingredients, then process them and then put them in the freezer or refrigerator or regrigator. However, if you use the fridge it will take a long time. Or, you just buy it at a shop that sells ice cream. However, his taste sometimes wants something else. Let’s not just that.

Sumenep Muhammadiyah I High School students can make ice cream without a refrigerator, without a regrigator, without a freezer. That’s it, don’t use it for long! Plus we can choose according to our taste. The toppings are also what we want. Want to know how?

Prepare the ingredients first. Coconut milk, milk, flavoring (according to taste can be strawberry, vanilla, chocolate), a little sugar, put in a can. And don’t forget to prepare the toppings we like. It can be colorful, brown. Cheese is okay too.. fruit. Bread.

You can prepare the cooler with ice cubes mixed with coarse salt. Then, put it in a basin that is larger in diameter than the can that will be filled with the ice cream mixture that we make. This is what is called a cooling basin.

The function of coarse salt is to lower the freezing point of water, so it functions as a freezer or refrigerator that has a freezing point below zero.

After the mixture has been stirred well and evenly, put the can containing the ice cream mixture into the cooling basin. After that, turn and spin for about 30 minutes. Those who are patient play it. Don’t leave your HPs behind. Let it be good. If you want better results, add a little, it’s okay.

After that, take a peek at your dough. Now, the ice cream mixture in the can has frozen and is ready to be served as puter ice. Sweet, savory and yum yum… good luck.

That’s one very fun learning Chemistry.

Therefore, immediately join SMA Muhammadiyah I Sumenep. Just register from home via bit.ly/PPDBSMUTU20-21



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