Juli 6, 2024

Physics is the scariest subject, besides Mathematics and Chemistry. Ah, who said?! At Muhammadiyah I Sumenep High School, learning Physics can be more fun. Why? Because not only in class or just glaring at books and paper.

Muhamamdiyah I Sumenep High School has a Physics Laboratory which makes learning Physics easier and more enjoyable. The tools are also complete. There are Kinematics and dynamics; Magnetic and electric fields Electromagnetic, light Static and kinetic fluids, etc.





















Learning Quantum Physics and Particle Physics is also carried out with learning video media

Physics learning activities at Muhamamdiyah I Sumenep High School put more emphasis on the fun guided inquiry learning model. In the Physics Lab you find your own concepts independently and guided.

Not only that, you can create simple apps and tools that are useful for everyday life. This is to be used as proof, as well as a concept of physics inquiry in the real world. At SMA Muhamamdiyah I Sumenep students are taught to make application tools and physics projects then present them in front of their friends and enter competitions outside.












If you want to know an overview of applications and projects such as applications and physics learning projects, for example, river water filtering equipment, fermenters and decomposters, simple steamboat applications, miniature bridge and tower applications from ice cream sticks, studying electricity and robotics, etc.

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